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Kids Tag Art


100% of all proceeds from the sales will be used to enhance the art programs on all Collier County Public Schools. No Proceeds to go through Collier County Tax Collector.


Support your students and schools by participating in KIDS TAG ART for Collier County. Collier county students apply thinking and creating skills to create their personal design. The program is administered by the County and School Board, and the minimum individual contribution PER TAG is nearly $8!

To learn more about the Kids Tag Art program you can watch these two videos.

You can learn how to become a member of the Kids Tag Art program from this link.

We are proud to say that KTA is now entering our 2nd year. On behalf of The CCTC, we want to thank the school district for introducing the program to the schools. We look forward to seeing more creative minds for this year’s KTA creations. These are not Florida License Plates from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. They are plates designed by Collier County School students and are “VANITY FRONT-END ONLY PLATES” that can be attached to the front of the car.

If you have any questions on how to start your order process, please contact Ginny Teta Iandimarino at 239-252-8350.

Thank you for your support!

Rob Stoneburner
Collier County Tax Collector