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Alligator Harvest Permits

Alligator Harvest Permits

In addition to the new special opportunity alligator hunts on specific wildlife management areas, the commission has a program that allows trappers to harvest five alligators each, in water bodies, during the month of September.  More than 500 applicants will be randomly selected to participate.  Alligator harvest areas and harvest periods, which go from September 1st thru 15th or September 16th thru 30th, will be assigned to each randomly selected applicant based on their ranking of up to five areas on the harvest applications.  Applicants will be notified of their selection status by June 30th.   To be included in the random drawing to an application must be received at the Gainesville office of the Commission by 5:00 pm on June 1st, via a postal deliver service.

 Only current year applications will be accepted and all applicants must be at least 18 years of age by June 1st of the application year.  Applications are available May 1st from any Commission’s regional offices.  To those applicants who submitted an alligator harvest application last year, a new application will be mailed to them the last week in April. Last year’s applicants should not call the regional offices to request a harvest application unless their address has changed.

Selected applicants will be required to purchase an alligator-trapping license by July 15th.  A license cost $250.00 for Florida residents and $1,000.00 for non-residents.  Each selected applicant also may purchase $50 alligator trapping agent licenses for individuals to assist them in taking alligators.  Trapping agents must be in the presence of the permitted applicant when hunting.

 Five, three hour training and orientation programs are scheduled in July and August.  Permit recipients will not be required to attend, but are encouraged to attend if they have not done so in the past.