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Motor Vehicles

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Renew Auto
To Avoid Waiting in line……

1) Renew by mail

2) Use online payments

Tired of your yearly visit to the Tax Collector’s Office to renew your car or boat registration?  There is a more convenient option, two year registrations are now available under the recently adopted “2 FOR U” program.  Come visit us every other year, we will keep a light on for you.

The Motor Vehicle Department at your Collier County Tax Collector’s Office is an agent for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  Whether you are renewing your registration, applying for a title, replacing a lost decal, or being issued a handicapped-parking permit, our offices are qualified and eager to assist you.

Fast titles are available for an additional $10.00 processing fee.  Each fast title will be handled on a one on one basis.  If circumstances are clear and all necessary paperwork is available the transaction will be done.  The Tax Collector’s office reserves the right to decline the processing of a fast title and will process it through the normal procedures.

Looking for electronic versions of state forms?


Before sending in your vehicle registration renewal card check the front of your card for accuracy of the information.   Complete and sign the insurance information on the back of the card.  Allow two weeks response time.

Still can’t find the answer?
E-mail your question to: or call 239-252-8177