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License fees are based on whether you are a Florida resident or a non-resident.  To be a resident you must have lived in Florida for six continuous months prior to the issuance of a license and intend to continue to reside in Florida and claim Florida as your primary residence.  Any member of the United States Armed Forces, who is stationed in this state, is considered a resident for the purpose of licensing fees.  Their spouse and dependent children residing in the household would also get resident rate licenses.

Proof of residency may be any of the following items:

  • Florida Driver License (“Florida Only” or Florida ID cards not acceptable)
  • Military orders showing that applicant is stationed in Florida
  • Florida Voter’s registration card

OR both of the following:

  •       Florida homestead exemption
  •       Florida motor vehicle registration

Note – In addition to the license or permit fee, a sub-agent may charge an issuance fee of $.50 for each privilege.

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