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Ad Valorem Contact

Contact information for the current Ad Valorem taxing authorities

Taxing Authority Phone Website
County Wide 239-252-8973 Click here
School State 239-377-0036 Click here
School Local 239-377-0036 Click here
City of Naples (General Fund) 239-213-1820 Click here
Everglades City (Operating Fund) 239-695-3781
East Naples Bay (Spec. Dist.) 239-213-1820 Click here
Moorings Bay System (Spec. Dist.) 239-213-1820 Click here
City of Marco (Operating Fund) 239-389-5006 Click here
Hideaway Beach (Spec. Dist.) 239-389-5006 Click here
Dependent Special Districts 239-252-8973 Click here
(All Fire Districts, Improvement Districts, Lighting Districts, Road Districts, Water & Sewer Districts and Unincorporated Districts not individually specified)
Water Management 561-686-8800 Click here
Collier Mosquito Control 239-436-1000 Click here
Greater Naples Fire & Rescue 239-348-7540 Click here
Immokalee Fire Control 239-657-2111 Click here
North Naples Fire & Rescue 239-597-3222 Click here
City of Naples (Bond Debt) 239-213-1820 Click here
Veterans Park (Bond Debt) 239-389-5006 Click here
Forest Lakes (Bond Debt) 239-252-8973 Click here
Conservation Collier (Bond Debt) 239-252-8973 Click here
Hideaway Beach (Bond Debt) 239-389-5006 Click here

Click here for Non-Ad Valorem taxing authorities contact information