Hunting & Fishing FAQ

Hunting & Fishing FAQ

Who is required to have a salt and freshwater fishing license?

Any Non-Resident, Florida Resident fishing from a boat and the shoreline. Exemptions do apply, check out for those exemptions

If I own property in Florida can I purchase a resident fishing License?

No, you must give up your out-of-state driver license and purchase a valid Florida driver license and register to vote or show us you have homestead exemption on your property.

If I am a Florida resident and 65 years or older am I required to obtain a Fishing/Hunting license?

No, you are only required to carry your Florida Driver License, but a free senior citizen card can be issued at any tax collectors office.

If I purchase a fishing license from a sub-agent is there an additional fee?

Yes, for each permit you purchase there is an additional $.50 fee.

Can I purchase a Fishing/Hunting license over the phone?

Yes, an additional fee of $3.95 is charged for this service and the phone numbers are listed below:

for Fishing License: 1-888-347-4356

for Hunting License: 1-888-486-8356

What is required to obtain a Vessel license for Vessels charging a fee to take passengers out to catch Marine Fish?

A County Business Tax Receipt, Captain License from Coast Guard, Vessel Registered Commercial and Driver License.

What are the different fees for these licenses:

Eleven or more customers - $801.50

Five to ten customers - $401.50

Four or fewer customers - $201.50

** These licenses can only be obtained at all Tax Collector offices except the Airport Road Drivers License office.

When is the Mini Lobster season in the Keys?

The last Wednesday and Thursday in July each year.

Where may I obtain a Fishing License?

At any locate Tax Collectors Office, our Sub-agents:Walmarts, Kmart's, Sunshine Hardware, Anglers Answer Master Bait & Tackle, Cedar Bay Marina, Marco River Marina, Lake Trafford Marina and Sports Authority.

Is my child required to pass a Hunters Safety Course?

Yes, any person born on or after June 1, 1975 must have passed an approved Hunter Education Course before he or she can purchase a Hunting license. Call our Everglades Region Office at 1-561-625-5122 for the next classes.

Can I obtain a Lifetime or 5-Year License?

Yes, the only people eligible for these licenses are Florida Residents. This license can be purchased at any Tax Collectors office, online at and by telephone at 1-888-347-4356.