Hunting & Fishing FAQ

[otw_shortcode_faq title="Hunting & Fishing FAQ" number="10" item_1_title="Who is required to have a salt and freshwater fishing license?" item_1_content="Any Non-Resident, Florida Resident fishing from a boat and the shoreline. Exemptions do apply, check out <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> for those exemptions " item_1_opened="open-faq" item_2_title="If I own property in Florida can I purchase a resident fishing License?" item_2_content="No, you must give up your out-of-state driver license and purchase a valid Florida driver license and register to vote or show us you have homestead exemption on your property." item_2_opened="open-faq" item_3_title="If I am a Florida resident and 65 years or older am I required to obtain a Fishing/Hunting license?" item_3_content="No, you are only required to carry your Florida Driver License, but a free senior citizen card can be issued at any tax collectors office." item_3_opened="open-faq" item_4_title="If I purchase a fishing license from a sub-agent is there an additional fee?" item_4_content="Yes, for each permit you purchase there is an additional $.50 fee." item_4_opened="open-faq" item_5_title="Can I purchase a Fishing/Hunting license over the phone?" item_5_content="Yes, an additional fee of $3.95 is charged for this service and the phone numbers are listed below: for Fishing License: 1-888-347-4356 for Hunting License: 1-888-486-8356 " item_5_opened="open-faq" item_6_title="What is required to obtain a Vessel license for Vessels charging a fee to take passengers out to catch Marine Fish?" item_6_content="A County Business Tax Receipt, Captain License from Coast Guard, Vessel Registered Commercial and Driver License." item_6_opened="open-faq" item_7_title="What are the different fees for these licenses:" item_7_content="Eleven or more customers - $801.50 Five to ten customers - $401.50 Four or fewer customers - $201.50 ** These licenses can only be obtained at all Tax Collector offices except the Airport Road Drivers License office. " item_7_opened="open-faq" item_8_title="When is the Mini Lobster season in the Keys?" item_8_content="The last Wednesday and Thursday in July each year." item_8_opened="open-faq" item_9_title="Where may I obtain a Fishing License?" item_9_content="At any locate Tax Collectors Office, our Sub-agents:Walmarts, Kmart's, Sunshine Hardware, Anglers Answer Master Bait & Tackle, Cedar Bay Marina, Marco River Marina, Lake Trafford Marina and Sports Authority." item_9_opened="open-faq" item_10_title="Is my child required to pass a Hunters Safety Course?" item_10_content="Yes, any person born on or after June 1, 1975 must have passed an approved Hunter Education Course before he or she can purchase a Hunting license. Call our Everglades Region Office at 1-561-625-5122 for the next classes." item_10_opened="open-faq"][/otw_shortcode_faq][otw_shortcode_faq number="1" item_1_title="Can I obtain a Lifetime or 5-Year License?" item_1_content="Yes, the only people eligible for these licenses are Florida Residents. This license can be purchased at any Tax Collectors office, online at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> and by telephone at 1-888-347-4356." item_1_opened="open-faq"][/otw_shortcode_faq]