New Ways to Get in Line

The Collier County Tax Collector has added two new ways to get in line. For our branches equipped with a Qmatic electronic queueing system, we have added the ability to use your mobile phone to get in line for service.

SMS Text Notification

You can receive a text message on your mobile phone letting you know when your ticket is called. Simply give the receptionist your mobile number and you will be given a paper ticket and receive text updates on your mobile phone.

QR Code

You can scan a QR code with your internet enabled smart device for contactless queueing. QR Codes are displayed outside each office and at the reception counter. When you scan the QR code you will be directed to a web page on your smart device where you can pick the service you require. Once the service is selected you are placed into the appropriate queue, just as if you were handed a ticked from the reception counter.
You can monitor your place in line from your device. You will see your place in the queue updated as tickets are called and be notified when it is your turn. This will free you to wait outside the lobby or in your vehicle.

The following branches offer these new services:

Main Office
Airport Driver License
Eagle Creek
Golden Gate
Orange Blossom